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Join us in signing this petition to urge Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Department of Transportation to reconsider their decision not to light up Florida's bridges with rainbow colors for Pride Month. It's disheartening that the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and Sarasota Ringling Bridge, symbols of connection and unity, won't be illuminated in support of the LGBTQ+ community this June. Instead, they will display red, white, and blue lights as part of the Governor’s "Freedom Summer." While we embrace freedom as a fundamental human right and believe it should be celebrated, this decision, which also impacts other important awareness days, overlooks the true and historically significant Freedom Summer of 1964 for which this year is the 60th anniversary. The original Freedom Summer was a critical time that ultimately helped push forward the Civil Rights Act. Using the title now as a thinly veiled political foil for devaluing its true significance is a missed opportunity. We should continue to celebrate and uplift the diverse and interconnected coalitions and movements that have protected our freedoms over many decades and continue to do so today! 


Let's stand together to advocate for inclusivity and diversity by ensuring that our bridges shine bright with the colors of love and acceptance. Sign the petition today to make our voices heard and to uphold the spirit of equality and celebration for all.

In addition to Pride, other organizations impacted by the removal of the Ringling Bridge light display include those advocating for gun violence awareness, Juneteenth, World Fragile X Day, Women's Equality Day, and National Recovery.


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Sunshine Skyway Bridge

The Skyway Bridge has been a beacon of pride for the last three years, showcasing a rainbow light display for one week in June, but you won't see those vibrant lights this year.

This new lighting plan means other special days like Juneteenth and Mental Health Awareness Day won't be recognized on bridges this year either. 

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