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The trans and gender-expansive community is arguably the most vulnerable and marginalized of all the communities under the LGBTQIAP+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual +) umbrella. For this reason, we'd like to focus on trans and gender-expansive folx in the SW FL area as well as other parts of the country and highlight wonderful allies who are doing important work for our community.

Trans Talk LIVE! celebrates the trans community while fostering a better understanding of the many and varied trans identities and the gifts they bring to our world.

Trans Talk LIVE! is a place for our whole community to interact and learn from each other. Heather and Lorne are excited about the vibrant conversations with their amazing guests and are inviting you to join on this journey!


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Host Bios

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Heather Eslien, LHMC

Heather is a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in working with transgender and gender-expansive community.

Heather Eslien earned her graduate degree in clinical counseling over a decade ago at Antioch University Seattle, WA which offered her both an experiential and academic education in social justice and anti-oppression work. 


Heather is an LMHC (licensed mental health counselor) with a private practice in downtown Sarasota, Florida.  Her primary focus is on the LGBTQIAP+ community and she is particularly passionate about her specialization with transgender and gender-expansive individuals. In addition, she facilitates two support groups for the community: one for trans masculine individuals ages 16 and up and the other for the loved ones of trans folks (cisgender parents, partners, adult children, and other family members). 


Heather is often called upon to speak at churches, schools and other organizations to provide psychoeducation around the many barriers and inequities this incredibly vulnerable population faces as well as to break down the myths and incorrect assumptions surrounding this beautiful and dynamic community. 


She believes trans and gender-expansive people are key to our societal liberation. She is excited to co-host Trans Talk Live with her life partner Lorne Sadler.

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Lorne Sandler

Lorne has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ liberation for over 30 years.

Lorne Sadler is presently a full-time student, working on his Master’s degree in public administration. A once San Diego resident, he worked in training and management for Starbucks coffee company.  Experiencing a life-changing health event in 2010 gave him a unique insight into recognizing flaws that exist within the systems concerning social policies and programs.

Lorne was a student leader at Mira Costa College, he sat on the California Intercollegiate LGBTQ council and trained with GLAAD and the then National Gay Lesbian Taskforce. He moved to Lafayette, Indiana in 2004 (his home town), where he participated in the 2018-2019 campaign “Transgender Hoosier Spotlight” with the ACLU of Indiana. He was on the Board of Directors as Vice President of Pride Lafayette Inc., an LGBTQ community center and the first of its kind in the state of Indiana. While at Pride Lafayette he created community programs and support groups for both transgender youth and their parents, as well as transgender adults. His focus was on creating a sense of community and support for all trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming folx living in the Lafayette/ Purdue University area. 


Lorne now resides here in Sarasota with his partner and co-host Heather, and hopes to be of service to the local LGBTQ+ community and encourages others to do the same. He believes it takes the power of “we” to create a community where we can all thrive.

Past Episodes

Past Episodes
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