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Silver Pride

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Via Observer Media:

Although it was the first time Silver Pride was held at Senior Friendship Centers, the event on Saturday drew around 500 attendees eager to socialize, dance and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community ages 50 and up.

“There’s hardly anything in the gay community for seniors. We are going to support it 100%!” said Mary Cumisay, who attended with her neighbor Pauline Tondreau.

The event included food and drink vendors such as Kombi Keg Mobile Bar; representatives of services including Aviva Senior Living, LGBT+ Seacoast Bank Associate Resource Group, Inspired Living, and Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinson’s; along with live entertainment by performers including ShimmyBOOM Tribal Bellydance Troupe and drag performer Dame Lindsay Carlton-Cline.

“It’s been a great event, a great partnership. We’re super happy to just spread love," said Jenny Macias, Senior Programs Manager with Senior Friendship Centers, calling the event an opportunity to reach the LGBTQ+ community within the senior community.

"Project Pride is very excited about being able to host the first Silver Pride," said Jason Champion, president of Project Pride SRQ. He said an important aspect of the event was its inclusion of older generations, which also fought to advance LGBTQ+ rights.

“I wanted to support Senior Pride because they are supporting us, honoring us,” said attendee Glo Hoeft.

Photos by Bekah Horsley: