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The L-Word Premiere Party

Saturday, August 14 we held The

L-word Premiere Party at The Reserve Retreat and it was a huge success! We had a delicious dinner and drinks and watched the new episode of The L-word: Generation Q with new and old friends for a sold out show.

We snacked on movie theatre popcorn & candy while we watched the juicy drama unfold and then had an awesome raffle with a basket worth over $100! Congrats to the lucky winner.

Also, listened to and enjoyed some fantastic pre-show tunes preformed by the incredibly talented Brittany Loeffler - lead singer of Moxy Stardust!

Thank you all who attended and for your support. We hope you join us for our next event! Check out some of the pictures below.

BIG thank you to The Reserve Retreat and PPSRQ volunteers, without you events like this would not be possible!


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