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A Glance at Sarasota Pride: LGBTQ+ A Lot More

Sarasota Pride, an annual celebration of love and diversity, has once again filled the streets of this sunny Florida city with colors, music, and unity. We'll take you through some snapshots of this vibrant event, showcasing the unforgettable moments that capture the spirit of love and acceptance.

Welcome to Sarasota Pride

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1. Pride Bike Rally

2. Empowering the Community: Supportive Organizations

Local LGBTQ+ organizations and businesses come together to support the community. Their booths offer resources, information, and a sense of belonging, demonstrating the power of unity.

3. Expressive Performances: Dance, Music, and Drag

Entertainment takes center stage at Sarasota Pride. Performers light up the event with dance, music, and electrifying drag shows, celebrating self-expression and diversity.