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Say Gay Rally

Thank You all who came out to show support and "SAY GAY" for the LGBTQ+ community against the hateful #dontsaygay bill. We had an incredible turn out with at LEAST 500 supporters helping carry the world's largest inclusive Pride Flag "The Grand Flag" across The Ringling Bridge. But the call to action has not ended, now is the time we MUST call our state senators and governor to oppose the don't say gay bill and stop woke act! Leave voicemails if the offices don't answer (they usually won't).

Ron DeSantis phone number: (850) 717-9337

Thank you to our guest speakers and volunteers. Special thanks to The Grand Flag sponsors PNC Bank, McCarver & Moser Jewelers, and The Realm Group.


Event Photos thanks to Nancy Guth, Arkan Zakharov and drone photos by

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