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Silver Pride Photos

Celebrating LGBTQ+ Seniors

On a sunny day, the Senior Friendship Center in Sarasota hosted "Silver Pride Sarasota," a heartwarming event by Project Pride SRQ, Senior Friendship Center, and Golden Girls Solutions. This special day honored LGBTQ+ community members aged 50 and above with a lively celebration.

A Day of Joy

The event featured live music, filling the air with tunes that delighted attendees of all ages. Food trucks offered a variety of delicious treats, and local vendors showcased unique products and services.

A United Community

Silver Pride Sarasota was more than just an event; it was a gathering of love, acceptance, and shared stories. Seniors connected, rekindling old friendships and forming new ones in an atmosphere of joy and support.

For a glimpse into this wonderful celebration, check out the event photos captured by Bekah Horsley. Relive the moments and see the smiles that made Silver Pride Sarasota truly special!

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