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Project Sarasota: LGBTQ History



Florida Governor Reubin Askew signs bill to ban gays from marriage and adopting children in Florida.

Democratic Party.jpg

Democrats become the first major political party to endorse a homosexual rights platform

Lesbian Couple
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Florida Amendment 2 passes which defines marriage as "a union only between one man and one woman".

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The Venice City Council unanimously passes nondiscrimination protections, including protections for LGBT individuals.


Then Governor Farris Bryant selected Sarasota to host an eight-county education forum on "homosexual criminals".

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In One, Inc. v. Olesen, the U S Supreme Court rules in favor of the First Amendment rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) magazine.

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“The Purple Pamphlet” was published by the FL Investigative Committee with intent to persuade the state legislature to adopt anti-homosexual laws.

JAN 1958
MAR 1962

Local package alcohol store, "Dixie Lee's", includes anti-gay sentiments in advertisements in the Sarasota News.

MAY 1962

Charlie's Newsstand in Sarasota was fined $200 for "selling and possessing obscene literature" which contained themes of "homosexuality".

DEC 1962
JAN 1964